Pethyoeung e-Health ID – Your Health is in Your Hand

Pethyoeung e-Health ID is a digital solution of Pethyoeung in an advanced teleconsultation app. The app enables patients’ wider healthcare access to a TRUSTED healthcare provider network, allowing them to book their medical appointment or teleconsultation anywhere, anytime conveniently at their fingertips. Beyond its communication path accessibility for healthcare consumers and providers, Pethyoeung e-Health ID offers several distinctive features including health articles served on a daily basis, medical history storage, payment gateway and QR code function connecting to medical record retrieval. Be fond of your health. Begin your medical appointment and treatment with our doctor network and spend 5% - 10% less on consultation and treatment services via Pethyoeung e-Health ID.

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The Advantage of Pethyoeung e-Health ID

How to use Pethyoeung e-Health ID